Active Filter “PQactif PQDynaC”

The best solution to tough
power quality problems caused by harmonics,
load unbalance and reactive power demand



Features and benefits

Harmonic filtering:
Individual harmonic selection capability and unique filtering efficiency due to three-level inverter and proven control system
PQactiF has an improved capability of filtering up to 25 harmonics simultaneously, between the orders H2 to H50.

Reactive power compensation:
Stepless reactive power compensation for both inductive and capacitive loads, target settable PQactiF can perform precise stepless reactive power compensation of both inductive and capacitive loads. The target power factor is programmable from 0.6 (inductive) to 0.6 (capacitive) which makes PQactiF a superior alternative to a conventional capacitor bank. This also allows compensation of loads fed by generators without the risk of overcompensation.

Load balancing:
Balancing the load currents to address neutral-to-earth voltages and negative impact of voltage unbalance
Load balancing feature is available in both 3-wire and 4-wire systems between phases and between phase and neutral. This feature helps to improve voltage unbalance on the phases which increases the safety of the installation and allows sensitive loads to operate.

Enhanced communication features:
Wi-Fi enabled modules allow users to monitor and set parameters via smartphone or computer
Parameter settings and simple diagnostics can be performed by a web server on a mobile device. The optional user-friendly HMI interface offers direct access to filter control, programming and monitoring with its 7-inch touchscreen.

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Features and benefits

Fast reactive power compensation:
The new generation PQdynaC can be used for applications requiring instantaneous, ultra-fast and stepless reactive power compensation. Capacitive and inductive compensation can be provided and is automatically adjusted depending on the need of the load. It limits the high reactive currents in the supply network, and also minimizes rapid voltage fluctuations caused by reactive load variations. Examples of networks benefiting from fast reactive power compensation are networks feeding loads like:
• Elevators, lifts
• Traction loads
• Welding loads
• Crane loads
• Loads fed by weak networks

Active harmonic filtering:
New generation PQdynaC is available in a version (PQdynaC+) that incorporates limited active harmonic filtering of harmonics up to the 13th order, providing an efficient solution for customers that have a need for both fast reactive power
compensation and limited harmonic filtering.

Load balancing:
PQdynaC can also be used to balance loads, ensuring that the supply system is loaded evenly even if the loads are burdening the phases of the supply network in a non-balanced way, which is the case for loads like railway lines, welding supply feeders, etc.

Enhanced communication features:
Wi-Fi enabled modules allow users to monitor and set parameters via smartphone or computer.

The optional 7-inch user-friendly HMI interface offers direct access to the equipment controls for parameter setting and system monitoring.


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