ACS355 / ACS310 “0.37kW – 22kW”

Design to be intuitive to install and effortless to operate – The ACS355 series of variable speed drives from ABB.



ACS355 “0.37kW – 22kW”

ABB machinery drives
The ABB machinery drives are designed to be fast drives to install, parameter-set and commission. Thus saving hours of engineering work. They are highly compact and cost-effective. Equipped with cutting-edge intelligence and safety capability the drives are designed specifically to meet the production and performance needs of system integrators, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and panel builders, as well as the requirements of end users in a broad range of applications.

In the ABB machinery drives portfolio, ACS355 represents the micro drive range; meeting requirements like compact size, being optimized for a lower power range, cost-effectiveness, and ease of use. By choosing an ABB machinery drive, machine builders not only get all the clever things inside the drive, but also everything outside it: the entire global ABB. This means a full range of products and services designed to support their business.

ABB machinery drives are designed to meet the requirements of an extensive range of machinery applications. The drives are ideal for food and beverage, material handling, lifting, textile, printing, rubber and plastics, and woodworking applications.

• Exceptionally compact drives and uniform design
• Quick commissioning with application macros and panel assistants
• Safe torque off function (SIL3) as standard
• Sensorless vector control for induction motors and permanent magnet motors up to 599 Hz
• Built-in braking chopper
• IP66 product variant for harsh environments and solar pump drive variant available


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ACS310 “0.37kW – 22kW”

ABB general purpose drive, ACS310 is easy to select and easy to use. It is enough for most basic applications with no high overload demands. ACS310 is suitable for wide range of variable torque applications and simple machines.

The drive’s dedicated pump and fan features lower operating costs, boost energy efficiency and reduces CO2 emissions. Included amongs these features are built-in PID controllers and PFC (pump and fan control) that varies the drive’s performance in response to changes in pressure, flow or other external data.

Among the pre-programmed protection functions is pump cleaning. This prevents pump and pipe clogging by initiating a sequence of forward and reverse runs of the pump to clean the impeller.

Within pumping applications, energy savings can be up to 50 percent, compared to direct-on-line motor-driven systems that use mechanical flow control methods. The ABB general purpose drives provide built-in features for efficient energy management. Energy savings can be easily monitored using the built-in counters that display energy savings in kilowatt hours and saved carbon dioxide emissions. The savings can also be displayed in local currencies.

The compact design and uniform dimensions make cabinet mounting of the drive straightforward, thereby providing a fast and space saving installation. The ACS310 drives have an embedded Modbus interface for system monitoring that saves the cost of external fieldbus devices and enables to integrate the drives easily with PLC. When combined with preprogrammed application macros, an intuitive user interface and several assistant screens, installation time is further reduced while speeding up parameter setting and drive commissioning.

The ACS310 drives meet the needs of OEMs, logistical and technical distributors as well as the requirements of end users with pumping and ventilation applications. The drives are supported by one of the most extensive global sales and service networks with presence in over 100 countries.

− Powerful set of pump and fan features
− Boosted energy efficiency
− Tailored for cabinet installations
− Clever drive commissioning assistants and convenient userinterface
− Motor noice smoothing
− Worldwide availability and service


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