ACS150 “0.37kW – 4kW”

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ACS150 drives.



ABB micro drives
ACS150 variable frequency drives feature an integrated control panel with LCD display and built-in speed potentiometer. For
easy setup and commissioning, the drives include a variety of predefined I/O configuration macros including: ABB standard, 3-wire control, Digital input control, PID control, Hand/Auto control, and a PLC interface. User defined macros can also be created. The ACS150 drive has an extensive list of programmable drive parameters that are used to achieve high performance with maximum versatility in many applications.

ACS150 micro drives are compact with multiple mounting positions and options. The built-in DIN rail mounting capability makes them ideal for panel builders. Rapid programming and commissioning are possible using the on board setup macros. The DrivePM (Drive Parameter Manager) software tool can be used to create, edit, and copy parameter sets using the MFDT-01 FlashDrop tool.

Flashdrop, an optional drive configuration tool, can be used to quickly and easily configure spares or large volumes of unpowered drives using the connection port on the front panel. FlashDrop stores up to 20 different parameter sets and can copy parameters from one drive to another, or between a
PC and a drive.

The ACS150 drive is ideal for panel builders and OEM’s needing a micro drive with low cost, flexible mounting options, and rapid parameter setup.

– Power range: 0.50 to 5 Hp, single and three phase input
– 150% peak overload capacity
– Worldwide availability and support
– User-friendly control panel with LCD display and integrated potentiometer
– Multiple mounting positions
– PID control
– Integrated 2nd environment EMC filter with disconnect option
– Built-in brake chopper
– Flashdrop tool for fast commissioning
– Conformally coated boards
– Common height and depth across the product line, for flexible installation
– Wall or DIN rail mountable
– Easy access to power and I/O connections for rapid installation
– Selection options for input reactors, output filters, & braking resistors
– UL listing includes use of ABB manual motor protectors for branch circuit protection instead of fuses


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